Thursday, April 07, 2016

Sixth Annual Book Review Issue of Tulsa Law Review Now Available

Linda McClain

Ken Kersch and I are pleased to announce the publication of the sixth annual book review issue of the Tulsa Law Review (Volume 51, Issue 2) and our third co-edited issue. Since Sandy Levinson and Mark Graber passed the baton to us in the fall of 2012, we have endeavored to carry forward the interdisciplinary conversation that they envisioned. As in our two prior co-edited issues, both the books under review and reviewers in this issue come from an array of disciplinary backgrounds—law, political science, history, philosophy, and anthropology. When possible, we have carried on the practice of grouping books for review together when they address similar problems or different problems that speak to each other in interesting ways. In this issue, twenty-six reviewers evaluate forty-six books. The subject matter of these books is diverse, ranging from historical topics, such as the impact of royalist thought on the American revolution and the dynamics of Progressive-era state-building, to present-day issues such as the social construction of race and controversies over regulating hate crimes in cyberspace. The books reviewed here also reach beyond national borders, both in focusing, within the U.S., on state constitutions and state courts, and, beyond the U.S., on comparative constitutional law, international courts, and global migration. We are  delighted that Sandy has contributed a characteristically thought-provoking essay on three recent books about Lincoln. Following Sandy and Mark’s example of rotation in office after a term of co-editing three issues, we are pleased to announce that the new editors of the Tulsa Law Review, beginning with Volume 52, are Professors Stuart Chinn, of the University of Oregon, and Julie Novkov, of Albany University, SUNY. Both Professors Chinn and Novkov are dually trained in law and political science and  share a commitment to interdisciplinary exchange and the importance of publishing and reviewing scholarly books. We are confident that the annual book review issue will flourish under their co-editorship.

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