Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Supreme Court Strikes Down All Laws Signed By Barack Obama


Associated Press, Wednesday, Jun 27th

WASHINGTON (AP)-- In a suprising announcement, the United States Supreme Court assembled one day earlier than expected and announced their decision in the highly contested health care litigation.

In a 5-4 decision, the Justices struck down not only the entire Affordable Care Act, but all legislation signed by Barack Obama since he became president.
Having held that the individual mandate is unconstitutional, we next consider whether the mandate is severable or is inextricably related to the rest of the Affordable Care Act. Upon further reflection, it appears to us that all of President Obama's efforts since his election have been part of an elaborate scheme to foist European-style socialism on an unsuspecting public. See generally, Fox and Friends (collecting examples of Obama's socialist agenda); The Rush Limbaugh Show (same). Like the ACA itself, none of these acts contains an explicit severability clause stating that if one law is held unconstitutional the others should remain standing. We therefore conclude that all laws signed by President Obama during his term in office are void.
Departing from Supreme Court tradition, Justice Antonin Scalia published his concurring opinion on his new blog, It's Nino's Law: Get Used to It. In his opening post, Justice Scalia explained:
Since my recent opinion in Arizona v. United States I've finally realized that what I've really always wanted to be is a conservative pundit. Therefore from now on all my opinions will appear as blog posts. Oh, and by the way, why does Barack Obama hate America?
Not to be outdone, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg published her dissenting opinion on Twitter:
Ruth Bader Ginsburg @ruthiebg

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