Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Balkinization symposium on Solangel Maldonado, The Architecture of Desire


This week at Balkinization we are hosting a symposium on Solangel Maldonado's new book, The Architecture of Desire: How the Law Shapes Interracial Intimacy and Perpetuates Inequality (New York University Press, 2024).

We have assembled a terrific group of commentators, including Rick Banks (Stanford), Naomi Cahn (Virginia), Tanya K. Hernandez (Fordham), Kevin Johnson (UC Davis), Linda C McClain (B.U.), Rachel Moran (Texas A&M), Reginald Oh (Cleveland State), Dorothy Roberts (Penn), Russell Robinson (Berkeley), Aníbal Rosario Lebrón (Rutgers), and Ed Stein (Cardozo)

At the conclusion, Solangel will respond to the commentators.

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