Thursday, April 04, 2024

The Supreme Court's First Chat-GPT Opinion

Gerard N. Magliocca

A bill is pending in the Nebraska Legislature to return that state to a "winner-take-all" system for allocating electoral votes. In 2020, President Biden won an electoral vote in Nebraska under the current "split" system even though President Trump easily carried the state. Nebraska Republicans are eager to avoid a repeat especially given that the 2024 election could come down to a single electoral vote.

If enacted, this law should face constitutional questions under Trump v. Anderson. Some of the Justices at oral argument expressed dismay at the possibility that one state could decide a presidential election. This was contrary to the Constitution's structure, they said. They also worried about retaliation. If Nebraska can do this for partisan advantage, why can't another state do the same? Where will this end? 

Of course, no such constitutional scrutiny will be given to this sort of change in Nebraska or to state laws that will probably keep Robert F. Kennedy Jr. off the presidential ballot in some states. The logic of Trump is something that only Chat-GPT could love.

UPDATE: Nebraska lawmakers voted down the bill and doubled down on our patchwork method of allocating electoral votes.


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