Thursday, January 18, 2024

Hot News. The Amars' Brief in Trump v. Anderson

Jason Mazzone

Akhil and Vik Amar have filed an eye-popping and game-changing brief in Trump v. Anderson (the section 3 case before the Supreme Court). The Amars' brief centers on the significance to the drafting and ratification of section 3 of the First Insurrection of the 1860s--before the Civil War--in which John B. Floyd and other high-level executive officials in Washington, DC, violated their oaths as part of a plan to hand over southern forts to rebels and to prevent the lawful inauguration of the Abraham Lincoln. In their meticulous analysis of these 1860s events and the responses to them, the Amars bring a new and powerful lens to the issues now before the Supreme Court. Read the brief here.

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