Thursday, December 21, 2023

U.S. Society for Intellectual History blog symposium on Burning Down the House

Andrew Koppelman

At the blog of the U.S. Society for Intellectual History, there is a symposium on my book, Burning Down the House: How Libertarian Philosophy Was Corrupted by Delusion and Greed (St Martins, 2022), with comments by the distinguished historians Angus Burgin and Claire Rydell Arcenas, first presented at the S-USIH Conference in Denver in November.  I also have a short response.

Burgin wonders why I focus on radical libertarianism, which “seem[s] increasingly marginal to present-day American political conversation.”  Arcenas asks what academic historians should take away from my work.  Burgin – and, elsewhere, Jennifer Burns – press me to explain why I don’t say more about neoliberalism, or about Milton Friedman.  I answer them and explain why they ought to assign my book to their students.

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