Monday, May 15, 2023

LevinsonFest on Constitutional Crises

Guest Blogger

Ashley Moran
We’re pleased to share the final set of essays resulting from our year-long LevinsonFest 2022. But first, I have to share my deep appreciation to Richard Albert for the opportunity to be involved in LevinsonFest and to the many people who came together to bring it to life.
We are indebted to Ward Farnsworth for initiating this series, Richard Albert for leading every aspect of it, Trish Mair for bringing it to fruition, our panelists for spurring new debates and Jack Balkin for continuing them here, and the many participants who joined us—some for every event!—to make this the vibrant community discussion we hoped it would be. Most of all, of course, we are indebted to Sandy Levinson, whose scholarship, intellectual curiosity, and generosity of spirit are the galvanizing force behind this series and so many thought-provoking discussions in constitutional law.
The final LevinsonFest roundtable on constitutional crises includes essays from Jack Balkin (Yale University), Kim Lane Scheppele (Princeton University), and Keith Whittington (Princeton University). It closes with a response from Sandy Levinson (University of Texas at Austin).
The event discussion is also available on the Constitutional Crises panel webpage. We hope you enjoy the discussions and thank you for your involvement over the last year!
Ashley Moran is a Lecturer in the Government Department and Distinguished Scholar at the Robert Strauss Center for International Security and Law at the University of Texas at Austin. You can contact her at

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