Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Balkinization Symposium on Julie Suk, After Misogyny-- Collected Posts


Here are the collected posts in our Balkinization symposium on Julie Suk, After Misogyny: How the Law Fails Women and What to Do about It (University of California Press, 2023).

1. Jack Balkin, Introduction to the Symposium

2. Paula Monopoli, Pushing Boundaries

3. Katharine G. Young, Engendering Unjust Enrichment

4. Deborah Dinner, Whither Liberalism After Misogyny?

5. Victoria Nourse, Why All Good Men and Women Should Read Julie Suk’s After Misogyny

6. Linda McClain, Care and Equality (and Abortion), Redux: Constructing a Feminist Common Good Constitutionalism

7. Julie Suk, After Misogyny: A Response to the Contributors

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