Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Balkinization 20th Anniversary Symposium on the Present State of Constitutional Theory


This week we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Balkinzation. I recounted the story of how the blog began in this post marking the blog's 10th anniversary. 

For our 20th anniversary, we are holding a symposium on the state of constitutional theory today.  I've asked over thirty people to contribute short essays, which will appear over the course of this month.

I originally began this blog as a solo blogger, but within a year Balkinization became a group blog, with a handful of regular bloggers and a much larger number of guest bloggers. The many brilliant people who have written for the blog over the years is a particular source of pride.

In the last five years or so the blog has increasingly featured symposiums on recent books and on various interesting topics. This past year, for example, we've hosted LevinsonFest, with a large and wonderfully diverse group of different contributors.

These symposiums have two advantages. First, law reviews don't review as many books as they used to, but discussing books is often a great way to talk about ideas. 

Second, through our many symposiums, the blog can feature a much larger group of writers than just the regular contributors. This 20th Anniversary Symposium is no exception. I hope you enjoy the essays!

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