Tuesday, September 27, 2022

LevinsonFest on Comparative Constitutional Design: Collected Posts

Guest Blogger

Ashley Moran
Below are collected posts on the LevinsonFest 2022 roundtable assessing pressing constitutional design issues through a comparative lens: 

1. Ashley Moran, LevinsonFest on Comparative Constitutional Design

2. Kevin L. Cope and Mila Versteeg, Should SCOTUS Term Limits Be Imposed Through Constitutional Amendment? Americans Don’t Care Much

3. Yasmin Dawood, The Hard-Wired Constitution and Comparative Constitutional Design

4. Rosalind Dixon, Constitutional Designment and Amendment: Towards Decreasing Amendment Difficulty?

5. Zachary Elkins, Checking in on the ‘Embarrassing’ Second Amendment: Lessons from Ukraine and Uvalde

6. Ran Hirschl, Comparative Constitutional Design: Northern Stagnation, Southern Innovation

7. Gary Jacobsohn, Comparative Advantage

8. Ashley Moran, Engineered Majorities: U.S. Senate Malapportionment in Comparative Context

9. Sanford Levinson, What Am I Doing Here? Reflections of a Relative Newcomer to the Field of Comparative Constitutionalism

Ashley Moran is a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Comparative Constitutions Project and Distinguished Scholar with UT’s Robert Strauss Center for International Security and Law. You can contact her at

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