Wednesday, June 15, 2022

LevinsonFest on Constitutional Faith and Veneration Collected Posts

Guest Blogger

Ashley Moran

Below are the collected posts on the LevinsonFest 2022 roundtable constitutional faith and veneration: 

1. Ashley Moran, LevinsonFest on Constitutional Faith and Veneration 

2. William Blake, Constitutional Faith, Not Faith in the Constitution: A Reflection and Call to Action 

3. Andrea Katz, On Parasitic Growths and America’s Rigid Constitution 

4. John Dinan, Explaining and Assessing the Decline of State Constitutional Conventions 

5. Brian Christopher Jones, Perhaps the Only Thing Worthy of Veneration: Brevity 

6. Aziz Rana, Du Bois and the Project of Constitutional Transformation 

7. Sanford Levinson, Reflections on the Future of Constitutional Faith: We Can’t Go On, We Must Go On

Ashley Moran is a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Comparative Constitutions Project and Distinguished Scholar with UT’s Robert Strauss Center for International Security and Law. You can contact her at


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