Sunday, February 20, 2022

Balkinization Symposium on Aziz Huq, The Collapse of Constitutional Remedies: Collected Posts


Here are the collected posts for our Balkinization symposium on Aziz Huq's new book, The Collapse of Constitutional Remedies (Oxford University Press, 2021).

1. Jack Balkin, Introduction to the Symposium

2. Marin K. Levy, The Remains of the Day, Or What is Left After the Collapse of Constitutional Remedies

3. Rachel Bayefsky, Judicial Remedies and Structural Constitutional Violations

4. Lee Kovarsky, Asymmetric Specification, Professional Norms, And Abstention

5. Adam A. Davidson, A Truly Independent Judiciary?

6. Fred O. Smith, Jr., The Most Endangered Branch?

7. Aziz Z. Huq, Understanding our Crises in Constitutional Justice

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