Friday, February 04, 2022

Afterword: Living with a Ghost

Guest Blogger

For the Balkinization Symposium on Death and Legal Scholarship

Mary L. Dudziak

Brittany Farr’s post in this blog symposium led me, via Saidiya Hartman, to Michel-Rolph Trouillout, who wrote: “Slavery is a ghost, both the past and the living presence; and the problem of historical representation is how to represent the ghost.” Our present condition is, of course, vastly different from Trouillot’s topic, but we also will not leave our multifaceted present trauma behind us. The future will involve contending with a ghost, and the problem of its representation in our work. As these posts have illustrated, the importance of this era of mass carnage and suffering to law-related scholarship is already revealing itself.

To aid further engagement with this topic, we conclude with a partial and somewhat idiosyncratic bibliography of related works. We thank librarians at Boston University School of Law who compiled much of this list. Important works are also hyperlinked in the preceding essays. In particular, works on Black death and grief are included as links in Brittany Farr’s post.


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