Wednesday, January 12, 2022

L’Affaire Emory

Andrew Koppelman

It is now notorious that the Emory Law Journal commissioned and then tried to censor, as “hurtful and unnecessarily divisive,” an article that denied the existence of systemic racism. When the author refused to bowdlerize his piece, the Journal rejected it. Two other contributors to the same issue withdrew their articles in protest. This has been portrayed as a familiar left/right fight, except for one detail: one of the authors who withdrew is on the left. Some have been asking, who is that guy and what was he thinking?

I’m that guy. I am urgently concerned about systemic racism, which I have written about extensively, but I withdrew to protest the illiberalism that has these student editors in its grip. That illiberalism is bad for the university and bad for racial equality. It reflects an increasingly influential conception of racial equality that is disgustingly indifferent to the welfare of the people it purports to help.  This isn’t a left/right thing.

I explain my decision in the Chronicle of Higher Education, here.

It is paywalled, but Eugene Volokh posts a longer excerpt than I'm supposed to, here.


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