Monday, November 08, 2021

Constitutional AMA: Collected Posts


As a result of a twitter exchange, during the summer and early fall of 2020, I invited Charles Barzun, Chris Green, Evan Bernick and Eric Segall  to ask me a series of questions about my theory of living originalism. (Eric also invited me to be the first guest on his show, Supreme Myths). I've collected all the posts into one place. Here they are.

1. AMA: Questions from Charles Barzun

2. AMA: Chris Green asks about the Oath

3. AMA: Chris Green asks about "constitutional truthmakers"

4.  Eric Segall interviews me on Supreme Myths

5. AMA: Chris Green asks about the thin theory of original public meaning

6. AMA: Chris Green asks about Originalism and Loving v. Virginia

7. AMA: Chris Green asks about the metaphors of "off the wall" and "on the wall"

8. AMA: Evan Bernick asks about liberal originalism

9. AMA: Evan Bernick Asks About Constitutional Dealbreakers

10.  AMA: Eric Segall asks about originalism and judicial review

11. Eric Segall responds on originalism and judicial review

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