Sunday, October 03, 2021

Balkinization Symposium on Dixon and Landau, Abusive Constitutional Borrowing-- Collected Posts


Here are the collected posts on our Balkinization symposium on Rosalind Dixon and David Landau's new book, Abusive Constitutional Borrowing: Legal globalization and the subversion of liberal democracy (Oxford University Press, 2021).

1. Jack Balkin, Introduction to the Symposium

2. Samuel Issacharoff, Domesticating Constitutionalism

3. Alvin Y.H. Cheung, Beyond Comparative Constitutionalism: Abusive Legal Borrowing

4. Kim Lane Scheppele, On New Autocrats, Imitation and Flattery

5. Oren Tamir, Can Abusive Borrowing Itself Be Abusive?

6. Rosalind Dixon and David Landau, The Importance of Abusive Constitutional Borrowing: A Reply to Commentators

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