Thursday, November 05, 2020

The Reagan Regime Lives On

Gerard N. Magliocca

While the result of the election is unclear, one thing is clear: We are still in the Reagan Regime. The Reagan Revolution has nine lives. Some conservatives thought that Bush 41 was the killer. Others blamed the compassionate conservatism of Bush 43. I thought initially that the 2008 election was the end. Or the run-up to 2016. Or maybe this year. No dice. The GOP will (absent some incredible results in Georgia) control the Senate in the next Congress and probably in the one other that. And there's the newly beefed-up Roberts Court. 

To be fair to Jack, his terrific new book does not say that 2020 would be the transition point. We might, though, need to rethink when that transition will come. President Trump's increased strength in Florida and Texas suggests the possibility that the Reagan coalition can be reconstituted organically. Perhaps the pandemic is the only thing that prevented the President's reelection.

Put another way, Larry Hogan was not far off the mark in voting for Ronald Reagan, if you take that as a prediction of the actual winner.


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