Monday, March 16, 2020

Shag from Brookline, RIP

Sandy Levinson

I have literally only a few minutes ago become aware of the fact that one of the most reliable discussants on Balkinization, "Shag from Brookline," died this past November.  There is a short obituary in the Brookline TAB about the passing of Arshag Mazmanian. But my own awareness of his death came from running across a graceful tribute to him by Michael Dorf, to whose blog he was also a regular, and valued, contributor as a commentator.  He frequently referred to his age--he was 89 when he died--but what was often most remarkable about his dispatches was the degree to which he was constantly reading new material.  He set a model for all of us in remaining truly intellectually alive--and contentious--until the end.  I confess that I feared the worst when Shag from Brookline disappeared from the list of those who commented on my postings.  He, along with some other regulars, was a reason that I continued to allow comments, as I will continue to do even in his absence (and perhaps in his memory).  May he rest in peace and his memory serve as a blessing for all bloggers.


Indeed, we had our conflicts, but he went where we all will follow, and I can only hope to be that mentally intact to the end.

Oh. that's sad news.

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Sorry you missed the news when the other commenters here found out.

Neil H. Buchanan might have wrote that ("Professor Dorf and I") tribute.

Knowing his name, we can find a few other things he wrote and took part in, his photo and even a few cases he worked on over the years.

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I think Shag would be amused at the spam.

Here's an old comment of his:

Here's a variation on an old joke:

The Donald and Ted Cruz go out on a foursome with their wives, respectively (and with respect) Melania and Heidi to discuss the campaign and their differences. It got quite heated between the Donald and Ted. Melania and Heidi come up with a solution for the foursome: force 'em, the Donald and Ted, to drop out as candidates.

]The old joke "defines" a foursome similarly but in a different context.]


A very nice tribute. It's unusual, and very welcome, for serious bloggers to recognize the value that a community of commenters can bring to a discussion. It would also be nice if tenure committees and the like would start to recognize that blogging is a way in which scholars can carry out the >half of their work that is teaching and disseminatiom.

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