Monday, March 16, 2020

Extending the Census

Gerard N. Magliocca

Congress and the Administration have a lot of their plate, to put it mildly. One action item, though, should be an extension of the period for taking the census. I filled my form online the other day. But counting the people who cannot complete the census online is critical and well-nigh impossible in the middle of a pandemic. You would think that everyone would agree that something should be done about this. You would think.


I checked the website.

The time to receive the invites is March 12th to the 20th.

Then, there is a link regarding the virus. It notes:

"Currently, the planned completion date for data collection for the 2020 Census is July 31, 2020, however, that date can and will be adjusted if necessary as the situation evolves in order to achieve a complete and accurate count."

It also spells out things being done to work with groups where a full count might be problematic, including news dates are being pushed back.

So, I think the matter is being addressed some.

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It seems to me that the major structural issue to be addressed now is vote by mail in November, to prevent any shenanigans with the general election. That should be in any coronavirus bills proposed in the House.

A more jocular point I would make is Congress should legalize online gambling. Casinos are not safe and closing, as are racetracks. Sports aren't being contested. UIGEA was always a bad law, and the public should have opportunities for entertainment in the lockdown.

I just received my census notice & you are supposed to do it online with a code provided. A paper ballot is next supplied to people in the mail. The final check is in person checks. I gather many can be contacted by phone.

I remain unclear how wide the problem is here. If the completion of the census has to be done in October, let's say, what is the problem? This isn't voting for November elections. It is the census. If the whole thing is completed in 2021, it would not be a travesty.

There are a lot of things to be concerned about. I know GM is interested in the second section of the 14A, which is related to the census, but this is down there.

I fail to see how dramatically expanding use of absentee ballots prevents shenanigans. It actually enables a whole class of them.

Anyway, I will be utterly shocked if the Coronavirus is still a big problem by November.

I’d think the administration would be especially worried that a count in current circumstances benefits more internet savy coastal states.

Wouldn’t hurt to legalize weed via delivery services. Legal weed cuts down the amount of pipe sharing etc..

"I fail to see how dramatically expanding use of absentee ballots prevents shenanigans. It actually enables a whole class of them."

Conservatives have long supported absentee voting because they knew that most of those who exercised it were middle class and above white folks. Now that there's a risk *those people* might vote that way, I expect we'll see even more phony "voter fraud" accusations.

By habit and such I'm used to voting in person being the default rule.

I think there is values there as I said elsewhere though the times do warrant special rules. I also can see voting by Skype or something too.

I'm wary about completely voting by mail -- e.g., what if someone fills out the ballot wrong, something that might be seen right away and easily fixed in person -- but open to discussion. A few states do it widely now and they seem to like it.

Is the idea, in the feverish (but not from Covid!, Democat hoax that!) minds of Birchers, that nefarious party members (Democrats no doubt, funded by Soros, organized by Hilary and Hunter Biden, channeling the spirit of Alinsky via a ouija board no doubt)will be cheating via mail voting by submitting ballots for people they think will not vote? That seems to be how they think in-person fraud is going to happen. If this were true thousands of cases would be easily on record by now. People can usually in states see if they voted in an election or not, if this went on in any mass way lots of people would have noticed they are recorded as voting when in fact they did not.

I'd also like to say that even if a method to make voting easier opened up a window for some fraud it's not a simple matter as to whether that makes the method a bad idea. As Bircher Brett likes to say, a fraudulent vote is bad because it cancels out a person's legitimate vote. But of course, if this is the criteria, then any cases of that have to be weighed against the number of people who wouldn't/couldn't vote save for the measure in question. If mail in allows ten fraud votes in a town election but allows 21 people who wouldn't/couldn't vote to do so, it's a good measure.

Of course, Birchers don't/can't get that because they put pretty much little value on the other side of the scale: they not only don't think it's a good thing to weigh when more people vote per se, they tend to assume it's probably bad (they were uninformed or something). Remember, Bircher's like Brett are on record here of their dim view of democracy in general. If democracy is a very suspect thing, then you want to make sure that few people exercise it (ironically, they think about it the way that gun control advocates who grudgingly admit the 2nd won't allow them to essentially ban guns generally but who want to make it as hard and unpleasant to do so as possible do guns).

I would also think they'd be against mail or online Census measures. I mean, won't those nefarious agents be out there falsely filling in Census submissions on line and mail to bolster claims to apportionment in 'Democract strongholds?' The funny thing is, this would be just as likely when counted 'in person' (we have to assume, of course, that Census employees, being federal workers after all, are all Deep State sympathetic Democrats)....

"As Bircher Brett likes to say, a fraudulent vote is bad because it cancels out a person's legitimate vote."

He may say this, but he doesn't believe it. After all, he supports lots of restrictions on voting, every one of which "cancels a person's legitimate vote" by blocking them entirely.

And that's to say nothing of gerrymandering (House and Senate both), which has the effect of canceling people's legitimate votes.

Yes. Also the Senate and EC which dilute many votes at least.

Is this what they mean by the "cancel culture"?

Election monitors tend to like in person voting, FWIW, and tend to distrust vote by mail schemes in other countries. It reduces ballot secrecy and can lead to some forms of fraud.

But it's a no brainer that we should do it when there's a pandemic. I think there's a good argument that when the threat of the pandemic is over, we might go back to in person voting, although, as Joe notes, there are states that do vote by mail and like it.

And that's to say nothing of gerrymandering (House and Senate both), which has the effect of canceling people's legitimate votes.

This isn't true at all, and is another example of Mark Field uttering whatever the Democratic Party line is at any particular time. (Note, the party line in the 1990's was that gerrymandering was necessary to elect blacks. I am sure, back then, he uttered that party line too.)

All single member district, party primary systems cancel votes, whether or not they are gerrymandered. Because there's no way to make all districts come out 50-50. Which means in many districts, you are stuck with an incumbent or electoral favorite who is guaranteed to win.

In a gerrymandered system, it's actually potentially possible for MORE districts to be competitive, as well as possible for less districts to be competitive, because what gerrymandered systems do is pack the opposing party into 80-20 districts while the gerrymandering party's districts are 55-45. What then happens is in a normal election, the 55 percenters all win, but in a wave election for the other party, all the 55-45 districts become competitive.

At any rate, as long as you do single member districts and there's a huge incumbency advantage, gerrymandering isn't disenfranchising very many people who aren't already disenfranchised. The objection to gerrymandering is you get a legislature that isn't representative of the entire population, instead protecting minority groups. Racists, including centrist Democrat racists, don't like that very much, because they would rather have an almost all-white legislative majority at the expense of having majority-minority districts and more diversity in the legislature. We used to understand this on the left, but we don't anymore, alas.

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