Friday, June 21, 2019

Balkinization Symposium on Democracy and Dysfunction-- Collected Posts


Levinson and Balkin, Democracy and Dysfunction
Here are the collected posts for our Balkinization symposium on Sandy's and my new book, Democracy and Dysfunction (University of Chicago Press, 2019).

1. Jack M. Balkin, Introduction to Balkinization Symposium on Levinson and Balkin, Democracy and Dysfunction

2. David Pozen, The Shrinking Constitution of Settlement

3. Gerard N. Magliocca, Another Rendezvous with Destiny

4. Corey Robin, The Disjunction That Was Promised

5. Julia Azari, The Trump Era Has Pushed Scholars to the Limits of Our Understanding

6. Frank Pasquale, Crisis or Rot? Dueling Metaphors of Constitutional Decline

7. Eric Posner, Waiting for reform

8. Steven G. Calabresi, The United States Constitution is Not Dysfunctional

9. Stephen Griffin, On Democracy and Dysfunction

10. Jedediah Britton-Purdy, Surplus and Deficit: Resources of Legitimation in the “Crisis of Democracy”

11. Jack M. Balkin, Does Trump represent the end of the Reagan regime, or the beginning of something far more dangerous?

12. Mark Graber, Comparative Labors and Democratic Dysfunction

13. Sandy Levinson Reply to Critics-- Part One

14. Sandy Levinson, Reply to Critics-- Part Two: Illuminating tensions in Steven Calabresi's arguments

15. Sandy Levinson, Reply to Critics-- Part Three: David Pozen on the potential malleability of the Constitution of Settlement

16. Sandy Levinson, Reply to Critics-- Part Four: How Democratic Do We Want the US to be (and by what definitions)?

17. Sandy Levinson, Responses to Critics-- Part Five: On Publian republicanism and boiling frogs

18. Jack M. Balkin, Escaping Dysfunction

19. Jack M. Balkin, Cycle of Presidents or Cycle of Regimes?

20. Jack M. Balkin, How Polarization Leads to Disjunction-- There Must Be Fifty Ways to Leave Your Party

21. Jack M. Balkin, The New Party Configuration

22. Jack M. Balkin, The Limits of a Cosmopolitan Party

23. Jack M. Balkin, How Constitutional Rot Ends

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