Sunday, September 24, 2017

The State of "Our Democracy" -- Sitting in for Sandy Levinson

Mark Tushnet

I think I'll save Sandy Levinson some time and point out that a Washington Post piece by E.J. Dionne, Thomas Mann, and Norman Ornstein ("the heart of the Washington punditocracy," as I think of them), on "Now Trump is Helping to Save Our Democracy," says not a word about the contribution the hard-wired Constitution makes to problems with "our democracy," nor about whether the hard-wired Constitution stands in the way of "saving" it. (The piece is an extract from a larger work, and maybe they say something about those issues in that work. Still, it must mean something that they and the Washington Post thought that the way to publicize the book was to use this extract rather than one dealing with the hard-wired Constitution.

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