Monday, March 13, 2017

CBO report is here: 24 million Americans predicted to lose coverage by 2026 under GOP ACA replacement

Abbe Gluck

Here is the report. Fourteen million of the 24 million would feel this loss by 2018, conveniently in time for the midterm elections.  Savings to the federal budget, largely because of the Medicaid cuts and the cuts in other subsidies for individuals buying insurance, are projected to be $337 billion over the 10 year period.  

This is not a surprise; the replacement bill from the start was viewed as a tax break for the upper class that harms the least fortunate in the process.   The GOP has more work to do to justify this as a "health care" bill. 

As I noted last week (here and here), the GOP already began the process of trying to preemptively discredit the nonpartisan CBO (currently headed by a Republican) in advance of this report.

Next I predict there will be an effort to delay the Medicaid cuts til 2020, conveniently timed for... you know what.  Several  Republican governors took to the media over the weekend to speak out against the bill.  The Senate should help these governors hold the GOP House members accountable for these numbers.

More as more develops...

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