Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trump Normalization Watch

Stephen Griffin

I am beginning this “normalization watch” on the premise that having a “normal” presidency is less likely for Donald Trump, someone who has never been a politician or public official, has no prior policy interests or expertise, and has been operating a substantial business while a presidential candidate.  Evidence is indeed accumulating that constituting a normal presidency may be quite difficult, even from the outset, for President-elect Trump.  There are a number of articles now on his enormous conflict of interest problems: two of the most informative are here and here.  Trump apparently does not want to divest himself of ownership of any of his businesses, yet ownership (not management, as he apparently thinks) is the essence of the problem.  In addition, he is clearly having trouble assembling a foreign policy team.  If Trump is forced to employ second and third string policy professionals to staff the White House and State Department, this may well weaken the presidency in national security matters, contrary to the expectations of many.

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