Thursday, March 03, 2016

Who Voted for David Duke?

Stephen Griffin

If your question is why would anyone vote for Trump, you might keep in mind the results of the 1991 election for governor of Louisiana, the runoff between Edwin Edwards and David Duke (there was a notable bumper sticker: "Vote for the Crook.  It's Important").  I was living here and recall well-documented New Orleans Times-Picayune articles showing that Duke was a white supremacist, an anti-Semite, and an admirer of Adolf Hitler.  Duke received 39% of the statewide vote.  Not even close to winning, of course, but still, in the end over 670,000 people voted for a person with these views.  Most of them are doubtless still voting, I don't think they went anywhere.  I generally doubt whether all of these citizens were really white supremacists.  Rather, they were willing to overlook Duke's reprehensible views because he articulated a viewpoint important to them on other grounds (although grounds still race-related I'm sure, let's put it that way).  This may be relevant to understanding the Trump phenomenon.  So even if Trump didn't "disavow" Duke, I doubt whether his vote totals would be much affected.

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