Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Symposium on Calabresi's The Future of Law and Economics

Frank Pasquale

I just wanted to thank Gerard for hosting a symposium on Guido Calabresi's new book, The Future of Law and Economics, about a week ago. The contributions included:

Kenneth Abraham, Pearls Beyond Price

Ian Ayres, The Liability Rule Continuum(s)

Dan Cole, Beyond Law and Economics

Lee Fennell and Richard McAdams, Means and Ends in Law and Economics

Frank Pasquale, (R)evolution in Law & Economics

Carol Rose, Markets, Morals and Guido Calabresi’s The Future of Law and Economics

Arden Rowell, Law and Economics for the Read-Write Generation

I highly recommend the book as a profound reflection on the relationship between social science and law, and much more.

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