Friday, April 17, 2015

New Annual Book Review Issue of Tulsa Law Review Now Available

Linda McClain

My co-editor Ken Kersch and I are pleased to announce that the fifth annual book review issue of the Tulsa Law Review (our second as co-editors) is now available online and in print.  This issue (Volume 50, Issue 2, 2014) includes twenty-seven reviews of sixty-six books.  In keeping with the vision of founding editors Sandy Levinson and Mark Graber,  our roster of reviewers reflects several disciplines:  predominantly law and political science, but also history, sociology, and women’s and gender studies.  The authors of the books reviewed are similarly diverse in their disciplinary fields and their approaches. The books themselves cover a wide range of topics, including substantive areas of law, legal history, and political institutions and actors.  It is fitting as we have recently reached the 50th anniversary of landmark civil rights legislation that several reviews address books on civil rights, dissent, and social movements. Along those lines, one notable feature of this issue is that it includes not just one, but two review essays on Bruce Ackerman’s important new book We the People, Volume III:  The Civil Rights Revolution, the latest installment in Ackerman’s  We the People project.   These reviews start from two quite different perspectives, with the first by political scientist --and leading social movement scholar -- Sidney Tarrow (Cornell University), and the second by  law professor – and leading constitutional theorist – James E. Fleming (Boston University School of Law).  We hope readers will enjoy this issue.

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