Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Obama's Repudiation

Guest Blogger

Sandy Levinson

There is no other way to read the election results than a repudiation of President Obama's style of leadership (not to mention campaign finance, etc.). Might we not be better off with at least a quasi-parliamentary system that would allow the Democrats to replace him with Biden?  Cf the Tory's dismissal of Thatcher and Labour's forcing Blair out of office. Is this unfair to Obama?Sure. But politics, like life, is often unfair, and Obama has simply lost whatever charisma and mandate he once possessed. So sad, because in some ways he has been a fine president. But in too many other ways....

But, of course, we know he's not going anywhere, and we can all look forward to what Francis Fukuyama accurately describes in his new book as the further "decay" of our already dysfunctional system as what he calls the "vetocracy" operates with ever greater strength. No appointments for Obama, and, of course, I hope that he doesn't hesitate to use his own veto power to the fullest even though, as a delegate to my proposed constitutions convention, I'd strongly advocate limiting that undemocratic power. But this is not the occasion for unilateral disarmament.

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