Wednesday, August 06, 2014

I'm No Katie Couric, But . . .

Neil Siegel

. . . I did have a conversation with Justice Ginsburg last week at the National Press Club. The program began with the Justice providing an overview of the the October 2013 Term, after which we talked about a variety of topics. They included her thoughts on various decisions from the term; her 1970s equality scholarship on what was constitutionally at stake for women in obtaining access to effective and affordable contraception; how she decides, when she dissents, whether to read a majority opinion broadly or narrowly; and, most importantly, whether she prefers the expression "Notorious RBG" or "You can't spell 'truth' without Ruth."

The event was part of Duke Law School's DC Summer Institute on Law and Policy, which offers short summer courses taught by Duke Law faculty on legal topics of interest to students considering law school.

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