Monday, May 05, 2014

Bottlenecks at Brookings & Texas

Joseph Fishkin

The Social Mobility Memos blog at the Brookings Institution is devoting a two-week stretch (last week and this week) to a series of posts about Bottlenecks: A New Theory of Equal Opportunity and its policy implications.

The series (whole series available at this link) includes a couple of posts from me, but most of the posts are from others; a great lineup is planned for this week.  So far, you can read my first two posts; responses from Yuval Levin of National Affairs and Bill Galston of Brookings; and my reply to Galston.  More to come this week!

Meanwhile, UT Law recently held a bookfest about the book—a discussion with Cindy Estlund, Lani Guinier, and Gerald Torres, with comments from me.  There's video for anyone who is interested.  Video below the fold (or at this link).

Finally, there's a short interview with me about the book in the UT Law alumni magazine here.

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