Saturday, July 27, 2013

Panel on War Powers at the Wilson Center

Stephen Griffin

Thanks to an invitation from the Wilson Center in DC, I will be speaking on my book Long Wars and the Constitution in a live webcast next Thursday morning August 1.  Here is the link.  Those of  you on the APSA Law Courts list received an announcement of the publication this month of a related book, Mariah Zeisberg's War Powers: The Politics of Constitutional Authority.  I'm sorry that Mariah couldn't appear on the panel due to a conflict.  I don't mean to speak for her, but I believe we both feel that the traditional debate on war powers could use a fresh departure.  I think it is one of the purposes of both books to provide it.  Scholars specializing in foreign affairs and national security policy (as well as presidential and congressional decision making) who have had an interest in war powers yet have been turned off by the somewhat stale constitutional debate, may be especially interested in both books.

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