Monday, November 05, 2012

Every Vote Counts

John Mikhail

Sure, it's a familiar slogan, but did you know it was already being used in 1788?  From the man who gave us "We the People," speaking at the first July 4th party to celebrate the adoption of the Constitution:

Allow me to direct your attention, in a very particular manner, to a momentous part, which, by this constitution, every citizen will frequently be called to act. All those in places of power and trust will be elected either immediately by the people, or in such a manner that their appointment will depend ultimately on such immediate election. All the derivative movements of government must spring from the original movement of the people at large. If to this they give a sufficient force and a just direction, all the others will be governed by its controlling power….Let no one say, that he is but a single citizen; and that his ticket will be but one in the box. That one ticket may turn the election. In battle, every soldier should consider the public safety as depending on his single arm: at an election, every citizen should consider the public happiness as depending on his single vote.

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