Thursday, September 06, 2012

Conference on American conservatism

Sandy Levinson

Apropros of Ken Kersch's posting below, I thought I would let readers know of a conference to be held next week at the University of Texas Law School on "Whither American Conservatism?" It will obviously examine some of the strains and tensions that Ken discusses. The schedule is as follows. (The titles of the presentations can be found after the schedule.)
Schedule of Events
Friday, Sept 14, Eidman Courtroom

8:30am: Continental Breakfast

Introductory comments: Sanford Levinson

9:15-11:00am: James Kurth and Ken Anderson

Alan Gilbert
Discussant: Sandy Levinson

Carl Bogus and Ingrid Creppell
(discussant: Eldon Eisenach)

Afternoon Break

Jerry Gaus and John Holbo
(discussants: Melissa Williams and Jeffrey Abramson)

Saturday, September 15, Sheffield Room
9:15am: Continental Breakfast

9:45-11:30am : Ken Kersch and Johnathan O’Neill
(discussant: Lino Graglia)

Ken Anderson: The New Class, and Conservative and Liberal Conceptions of Elites

Carl Bogus: Fighting for the Conservative Banner.

Ingrid Creppell: "Religious Freedom and Anti-governmentism in Conservative Thought"

Gerald Gaus: The Role of Conservatism in Securing and Maintaining Just Moral Constitutions

Alan Gilbert: An etiology of authoritarianism: Schmitt, Strauss, and bipartisan commander in chief power

John Holbo: Liberal, Conservative, Utopian: Political Philosophy and its Missed Contents

Ken Kersch: Constitutive Stories About the Common Law in Modern American

James Kurth: A History of Inherent Contradictions: The Origins and End of American Conservatism

Johnathan O’Neill: Constitutional Conservatism and American Conservatism

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