Monday, August 06, 2012

For those with time on their hands

Sandy Levinson

Here are three links to recent appearances. The first is by far the longest: It is the Kogod Lecture that I gave in Jerusalem in June, on the general subject of "dual sovereignty" where the conflict is between ostensible Divine sovereignty and the demands of a secular government. The other two are from my participation in the Aspen Ideas Festival. The theme of the first is fairoly obvious from the title of the link. The second jumps off from the fact that Tom Friedman had called for an "Arab Spring" within the United States in order to overcome our dysfunctional "vetocracy": I agree with him, but, needless to say, believe that he should not the role that the Constitution plans in creating that situation. I will open this for comments, but I do think that a condition of commenting should be listening to the clip you wish to comment on. That will be quite easy for the latter two, each of which is about 5 minutes or so, as against the lecture, which ran about 45 minutes, followed by a commentary by Cardozo Prof. Suzanne Last Stone and then questions from the floor.


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