Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yale Law School Announces Ph.D Program in Law


Today the Yale Law School announced that it is accepting applications for a new Ph.D in Law. Dean Robert Post describes the new program in a story in the National Law Journal.

The Ph.D is designed for holders of an American J.D. who want to teach in the legal academy. Yale will continue to offer its existing J.S.D. program for graduates of foreign law schools who hold a Yale LL.M.

The Yale Ph.D. in Law responds to long-term changes in how people prepare themselves for the legal academy. Law schools increasingly demand a significant portfolio of scholarship for entry-level hires. Many prospective law teachers have naturally turned to fellowships and to Ph.D's in other disciplines to give them time to write. The Ph.D. in Law will supplement these existing pathways to legal teaching. It will provide more structured interactions with Yale faculty than existing research fellowships, and it will direct graduate students toward legal issues and legal research questions in ways that Ph.D programs in other disciplines often do not.

Yale will begin accepting applications this fall for students entering in the fall of 2013. The school plans to accept five students a year, with total enrollment in the Ph.D. program eventually reaching about 15 students.

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