Saturday, July 07, 2012

Shameless plugs (two of them)

Mark Tushnet

Someone asked why I was blogging so much on NFIB and not on Alvarez, about which I have strong (negative) views.* The answer is that the blog posts are very rough first stabs at stuff I'm going to include in my book on the Roberts Court, to be published next year by W.W. Norton with the title (at least as of now) of The Roberts Court and Politics Today. Of course there's going to be a chapter about NFIB, and there's probably going to be one dealing with First Amendment cases including Alvarez, but I have only begun to think about the approach I want to take in the First Amendment chapter (if I indeed end up writing it). But, when the time comes, expect something about Alvarez.

* Although I had critical views about the Ninth Circuit's decision in Alvarez, they might have been strengthened when my sister received a Presidential Citizen's Medal from President Obama for her work in creating The Soldiers Project, which provides free mental health services to combat veterans.

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