Friday, June 01, 2012

"How to Make Law School Affordable"

Brian Tamanaha

My op-ed in the New York Times.


Day late and a dollar short.

Whatever it takes to help sell your book, oh I'm sorry I meant your "ideas" that will no doubt both reform and remedy the totally legal yet ethically hollow enterprise higher education has become. Of course you're solutions would never work either politically or practically but you know that all too on some level. You must know they won't work, you're too intelligent not to know which just means you're holding back...then again holding back is usually the smart thing to do for someone in your position of "authority."

Still though I guess it's better late than never for you to grow a spine and do the right thing. I'm sure that you're singular effort will make up for the total failure of your learned peers in the academy. Honestly, Professor my objection has never been to you and it's not personal I just ask where were the responsible adults or people in positions of authority before this became a defining issue of my generation? I don't wish to seem overly harsh and I commend you for putting yourself out there, like Campos, but I just ask what took you so long and if you're going to join the fight you might as well do it right.

Gosh I guess my contact with the ethically hollow enterprise is showing...but some of us learned that "you're" is a contraction of "you are" and "your" is the possessive personal pronoun.

Do come back and opine some more after you've learned the difference.

Oh shoot, that single typo completely negated the substance of my point!

Damn! You got mad skills jpk!

That's about as effective as me pointing out that you forgot a comma after the word "Gosh"...thereby negating the substance of your, notice the possessive there, comment.

Congratulations! Ad hominem attacks aside, I guess your, see there's that possessive again, "contact" with the ethically hollow enterprise didn't teach you about logical fallacies when making an argument.

Oh darn, did I get that right? Sometime my brain go hurt and it ahrd to make blink blink on plastic light box.

Whereas the seemingly personal attacks that I raise and have raised about Tamanaha, which are both inflammatory and outrageous for a reason as I have compared law professors to fictional Nazi bureaucrats, go more to his underlying motivations rather than his intelligence and education.

Unlike you. You the person who took the time to: read his entire piece, read my comment here criticizing said piece, formulate your devastating blow against me, type out that comment in this 3 inch window, decipher the security code, and post your comment that I missed an apostrophe. That sir is nothing short of genius and in no way is the same type of comment that could come from a 14 year old with no formal schooling beyond the 5th grade.

Bravo sir! Bravo! Your years spent at the ethically hollow enterprise both you and I have mentioned here no doubt proved valuable in due course! Oh wait, was your mention of the ethically hollow enterprise known as higher education sarcastic in nature? Surely it twas! My God sir!

You have shown me the error of my ways!

I shall immediately write a letter to all of the elected officials who represent me to notify them of your qualifications and demand they consider you for the next available posting on the Supreme Court of the United States.

Wait...I don't know because I'm a complete and utter moron with no understanding of sentence structure, but can I ask them to nominate you for prezident of the world for when the aliens come? Colors are pretty. Colors are hard.

D of A seems to have cornered the market on pebbles to spew.

Category: Rocks in the head


There's always a downside to buying in bulk.

I have the forlorn hope that, eventually, one of these proposals will actually address the existing problems faced by recent graduates, rather than simply talking about how best to close the barn door after the horse has escaped.

As opposed to you. You the individual who took plenty of time to: study his whole item, study my thoughts here demeaning said item, produce your harmful strike against me, kind out that thoughts in this 3 inches screen, figure out the the three, and publish your thoughts that I skipped an apostrophe. That sir is nothing brief of professional and in no way is the same kind of thoughts that could come from a 14 season old with no official education beyond the 5th quality.Buy Windows 7 ultimate activation Key
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I'm sure that you're singular effort will make up for the total failure of your learned peers in the academy.personal injury attorney

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