Friday, June 22, 2012

Grab a Diet Coke

Ken Kersch

I got a text a few days back from a non-plussed former student, now in law school, doing his first stint as a summer associate in a large prestigious law firm in a big glass box. It reminded me of my two-years as a K Street lawyer. I offer a series of office haiku I wrote back then (the Clinton administration)(I'm currently an “inactive” member of the DC Bar).

The hum of the air
Slumped in my chair nodding off
Suddenly, a knock.

Window reflecting
Sealed like a submarine porthole
The law – a depth charge.

Photos on the desk
In clear plastic, places I’ve been
Not ceilings, but sky….

High back swivel chair
Rolls inches and tilts back, forth
Why reach for the phone?

White outlet, beige wall
Two faces in terror bored
Waiting for the prongs.

Press down the button.
In liquid suspended the time
Later than I thought.

Drop ceiling above
If the world weren’t upside down
White enough to ski.

Degrees on the wall.
Is this what the smart people do?
Grab a Diet Coke?

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