Saturday, June 09, 2012

China on Human Rights in the United States

Jason Mazzone

I have just returned from three weeks in China, where I was teaching a course on Comparative Constitutional Law. During the time of my visit, the U.S. State Department issued its annual Country Reports for Human Rights Practices. China's record this year is described as deteriorating. The day after the State Department released its reports, China's State Council issued its own report on The Human Rights Record of the United States. While reading China's report, I found myself focusing less on the predictable examples of human rights abuses in the United States than on the sources the Chinese government relied upon to make its case that the U.S. record is "dismal," "tarnished," and "grave." The New York Times and The Huffington Post get a lot of credit.

I had wanted to post this link to the State Council's report as soon as it was released. That wasn't possible, however. Although in its report the State Council criticizes the United States for "impos[ing] fairly strict restrictions on the Internet," the Chinese government blocks access to blogger (among many other websites).


China blocks access to almost everything. It's no wonder though. I would be totally surprised if all of a sudden they don't censor most of the contents on the Internet.

I had desired to publish this weblink to the Condition Council's review as soon as it was launched. That wasn't possible, however. Although in its review the buywindows7keys.comCondition Authorities criticizes the Combined Declares for "impos[ing] pretty demanding limitations on the Online," the China govt prevents entry to blog writer (among many other websites).
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