Thursday, May 31, 2012

Audio, videos, and comments on Framed

Sandy Levinson

Any readers who want to hear me answer a variety of questions about Framed are invited to log onto an audio on the Infinite Monkey or to a variety of audios that the Oxford University Press has filmed and put on line, all on Youtube:

As some of you may know, I had an op-ed piece in the NYTimes, which has generated some attention.  I'm going to try to work through the more than 600 "comments" that the Times published.  Although some took the obvious bait and described me, instead of the Constituiton, as "imbecilic," I was gratified by the generally courteous tone of most of the comments and, even more so, of course, by the number that took the critique seriously, whether or not they agreed with me in all respects.  I will report on the results of this "natural experiment" when I actually have finished reading the comments and can offer any interesting generalizations.

I've also been interviewed by Marc Steiner, and by Michael Medved,  The former included David Law, a professor of law and political science at Washington University in St. Louis, who is the co-author of a forthcoming article in the NYU Law Review demonstrating the ever-diminishing role of the United States Constitution in serving as a positive model for the drafters of other constitutions around the world.

Finally, there will be an interesting discussion going on at Slate over the next couple of weeks, organized by Emily Bazelon and Dahlia Lithwick, on possible constitutional changes.  It is provoked by an enjoyable, but fully serious in purpose, book written by Kevin Bleyer, a writer for John Stewart's invaluable Comedy News, Me the People.   He has initiated the discussion with a piece entitled "Constitutional Smackdown," which begins by expressing his all-American dismay that the Canadian Charter of Liberties is now far more influential in other countries than the Constitution of the good-old-USofA.

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