Friday, July 29, 2011

Economic Class and Federal Judgeships

Jason Mazzone

At this time of year, many students are looking for law review note topics. I have a topic that would make for a nifty student note: how has the economic class of nominees to the federal bench varied over time? Or, put differently, how rich do you need to be today to be nominated to a federal judgeship? I was reminded of this topic (one I would investigate myself except I have too many other projects) by the news this afternoon that President Obama has nominated Ronnie Abrams (Upper East Side, the Dalton School, father a big firm partner) to the Southern District of New York. A student interested in this topic has easy access to the relevant data. Nominees to the federal bench are required to answer an extensive questionnaire and to disclose information about their employment history and net worth. A little sleuthing will turn up additional useful information, such as the occupations and educational backgrounds of the nominee's parents, that would allow for an analysis based on multiple criteria. The note could look at variations over some period of time--say the last twenty years--in the economic status of nominees. Differences between nominations made by Republican and Democratic presidents could be investigated, along with any differences between male and female candidates, among nominees of different racial backgrounds, between district court and circuit court nominees, between younger and older nominees, and so on. I hope that somebody will take up this topic--and if you do, please share your results.


oh yeah, this is a note topic that will help you get a clerkship. Leave this to an econ student or a tenured professor, kids.

As the kids in question say: LOL!

An investigator will become very useful information, such as the professions and backgrounds of the candidates, parents who allow the analysis is based on several criteria. Note: To see the changes over a period of time - for example, the last twenty years - in the financial position of the candidates.

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