Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why I Continue to Hate the New York Yankees (as should everyone else)

Sandy Levinson

I have loathed the New York Yankees for more than half a century, ever since I realized that they epitomized mean-minded arrogance (not to mention oppression of their near-slave employees thanks to the "reserve clause" that allowed George Weiss, the tyrannical general manager, to pay Yankee stars a fraction of what they would have made in a free market). Everytime I think that I should perhaps "grow up" and realize that to err is human (and that Derek Jeter appears to be, at least most of the time, an admirable athlete and human being), I come across a story like this, in which the Steinbrenner family and the Yankee organization are denying a 77-year-old woman the right to quote from some entirely innocent letters that George Steinbrenner wrote her when he was attending Williams College. They are, of course, asserting their rights under copyright law. But there is always something amusing when the Steinbrenners assert their legal rights, since George seemed to have, shall we say, a touch of the Holmesian bad man about him with regard to any felt obligations to obey the law when it touched on his own interests. Thus, of course, he was a convicted (albeit pardoned by a Repubican President) felon for violating campaign contribution laws, and he was suspended by Major League Baseball for a year for his thuggish conduct vis-a-vis Dave Winfield. Generally, one shouldn't speak ill of the dead, but Steinbrenner is truly exceptional, as proved by this latest example of Steinbrenner (and Yankee) tyranny (however much this particular tyrannical conduct might be protected by law--which, of course, is all too often the case, as demonstrated by various acts of the Bush and now Obama administrations).

It deeply grieves me that Mark Graber, whom I adore as a virtual brother, continues to be a Yankees fan. Perhaps this latest example of unbridled excess will persuade him to see the error of his ways. Go Rangers (which is a phrase I thought I'd never utter, as Austinites are not in the habit of wishing Dallas teams well, especially a team that was once owned and mismanaged--remember who sold Sammy Sosa--by George W. Bush)!


One of the benefits of being a Red Sox fan is that you always get to cheer for 2 teams, the Red Sox and whoever is playing the Yankees. You can never go wrong by hating the Yankees.

Cheering for the Yankees is like rooting for the house in blackjack. That said, my father is rooting for the Yankees in the ALCS solely because a World Series between Eastern teams will have games that finish before he falls asleep.

Since 1923, which was the year of the Yankees first World Series title, Republican presidents have been in the White House for 47 years and Democrats for only 40 years. During that time, the Yankees have won 26 World Series titles, 19 under Democrat Administrations and 7 during Republican. This year is likely to make 27, with 20 under Democrats.

Sandy, if nothing else will bring you to the side of light and reason, surely this will.

I'm sure the rest of the owners, some of whom don't really seem as concerned with a good product [as a Mets fan, I might be a tad biased] would never do such a thing!

The reserve clause only applied to the Yankees, right?

All for the Rangers (and Giants); again, I'm a Mets fan. The Phils are the new bullies, doncha know!

BTW, Jason Mazzone is now apparently selectively not allowing comments. Some posts involving sensitive subjects. I find this distasteful.

once again, i am forced to come to the aid and assistance of my big brother. mark is a yankee fan because our beloved father was a yankee fan. he cannot help himself. i, on the other hand, am a mets fan, which means that i know absolutely nothing about winning or competence.

finally, if you want any hint as to why the graber brothers may possibly be completely screwed up, our mother was born in providence, grew up in boston, and was, and we suspect remains, a red sox fan. oy....

Sandy has revealed himself as a Bush-Leaguer. Born and bred in Boston, I became a Yankee fan in 1939 and have so remained despite George Steinbrenner. It's only a game, Sandy. Steinbrenner and the Yankees did not ruin baseball. But George W. came close to ruining America. And keep in mind the manner in which George W. got his financial stake that then permitted him to become Governor of Texas and President. Sandy's memory may be a little short. Keep in mind that the memory is the second thing to go.

The Yankees have yet the play the first game and they’re already down 0-3. As a Mets fans, tells us again how the Mets were going to win the World Series this year. New York Yankees tickets will go high sky. 28th title just 8 wins away.

Last night [Game 1] probably didn't help matters much.

Are the Twins still playing, or what?

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