Thursday, April 15, 2010

JOTWELL Jurisprudence Section

Brian Tamanaha

The Jurisprudence section of JOTWELL (Journal of Things We Like (Lots)) went live this week. The brainchild of Michael Froomkin, JOTWELL publishes reviews to highlight outstanding recent articles (and sometimes books) in various fields.

Jurisprudence reviews will be written by the co-editors, a remarkable collection of jurisprudence scholars from around the world. Kicking off the journal is my review of Fred Schauer's "A Critical Guide to Vehicles in the Park" (here). Reviews written by Dennis Patterson and Brian Bix will be up in the next two weeks, followed soon thereafter with reviews written by Robin Kar, Ken Himma, and Connie Rosati. We also welcome jurisprudence reviews from others (send to Brian Bix or Brian Tamanaha).

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