Monday, April 19, 2010

Balkinized Constitutionalism at Princeton and Newport


I'll be talking about the ideas in my forthcoming book on constitutional interpretation on Wednesday the 28th in Princeton. I'll be giving the 2010 Donald S. Bernstein Lecture next Wednesday at 4:30pm in Dodds Auditorium in Robertson Hall. The title of the lecture is "Fidelity and Flux: How We Build Our Constitution."

This Friday, April 23d, I'll be in Newport, Rhode Island, at the New England Political Science Association meeting, responding to critiques of the book by my fellow originalists Steve Calabresi, Gary Lawson, and Keith Whittington. Ken Kersch will moderate the food fight.

My forthcoming book on constitutional interpretation (hopefully due out sometime in 2011) doesn't have a title yet, so I've given it different names wherever I go, trying each one on for size. When I figure out what to call it, I will let you know. I've considered and rejected as titles "War and Peace" and "The Brothers Karamazov," since I have been reliably informed that they have already been used.

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