Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Judicial selection

Sandy Levinson

Jack and I both had the pleasure of attending the Aspen Ideas Festival last week and, among other things, presenting our somewhat competing visions of "the Constitution in 2020." (Though I think his edited book of that name is excellent, as readers know, perhaps to the point of tedium, I believe that we'd be better off if the 2020 Constitution had been amended in some fundamental respects). I also had the opportunity to moderate a panel on judicial selection, with former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Justice Stephen Breyer, and Prof. Viet Dinh, who was one of the major "judge-pickers" in his capacity as an assistant attorney general for legal policy in the first couple of years of the Bush Administration. Anyone with extra time on his/her hands can watch the entire panel, which was on C-SPAN.

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