Saturday, November 08, 2008

It's a new day

Mary L. Dudziak

Some things are just better said on YouTube.


Come on. This is a really fine law blog, where brilliant minds, yours included, share their thoughts on constitutional questions with us blog commenting peons. And you're posting a video. The guy just might be the worst rapper in the worst rap group ever, as well as the lamest rapper in the lamest rap group ever. Just the sort who would appeal to a mild-mannered law professor who doesn't know the genre. If you're going to waste your space here with Obama musical advocacy, I recommend Young Jeezy's "My President Is Black" featuring Nas.

This is like a black "We Didn't Start The Fire."

Eric: Similar! In that is the equally pathetic, equally cornball, equally despised by the 18-25 demographic, black equivalent. Except Joel, as much as he stank, had way better songwriting chops.

lol .. i thought i'd logged in on the wrong blog ..

errrr.....i kinda like... it?

Ow ow owwww ok stop hitting me


Mightn't there be a better take on this than your personal feelings about the art qua art? There's a serious issue here, the merchandising and iconography. I can't help thinking about a stray comment I heard after I'd seen Frida the third time in the theater, musing that Frida the communist might not have been thrilled to be co-opted by Hollywood. Nor would Che, I suppose.

No, I'm not impressed musically, it's nothing I feel the need to listen to a second time, much less pay to own. But, y'know what, there's plenty of folks who reasonably felt that way about Lennon's silly communist dream song (you know which one I mean). What I am impressed with is that we've reached a point where an awful lot of folks who had little to celebrate now have a lot.

Me, I'm working on a rap that uses the words "interracial international intellectual..."



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