Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Guantanamo Bay Teach In at Seton Hall


On Wednesday, October 5th, Seton Hall will be sponsoring a “teach-in” on the Guantanamo Bay detentions. Several other law schools are broadcasting the proceedings. (Thanks to

And for an alternative approach to the issues, here is Professor John Yoo's interview on NPR.


I just listened to the John Yoo interview. I am often confused by the use of the terms "war" and "enemy" these days. I do believe that we have real enemies, and if we could identify them and capture them, well, that would be a fine thing.

John Yoo seems to be confident that he and the President and Donald Rumsfeld will know exactly who these enemies are, whether we capture them in Baghdad or Boise. The war is all around us, after all, and it will continue beyond our lifetimes. We will know these enemies because the President will personally identify them. Someone has to be strong enough to decide, and he is the Decider. (Perhaps we should allow our enemies to appeal that decision in a secret proceeding before John Yoo, the Underdecider? No, that would be far too costly.)

We're fighting this war for our freedom and for the principles of liberal democracy. Wait, I'm confused again. I think it may be necessary for some of us to be medicated in order to live happily and free of confusion under the new laws.

One final thought: When waterboarding is outlawed, only outlaws will have waterboards. And then who will protect our freedom?

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