Thursday, September 21, 2006

At least he's principled about it.


Senator George Allen isn't the only politician to be surprised about his religious heritage. Yesterday former First Lady Barbara Bush revealed to her son George that she had been raised as a Muslim. The President immediately went to Congress and demanded the right to waterboard himself.


Ha, I almost peed my pants laughing. Get a grip.

Not all Muslims, Adam -- just himself. After all, how did he infiltrate the White House?


You really have to spend your whole life in faculty lounges, where the big divide is between those who voted for Gore and those who voted for Nader, to find this sort of thing funny. Normal Americans (even those of who sojourned for a time in New Haven) don't get it.

You go, Prof! One reason I read balkinization is a limited tolerance for the painfully chic ranting at the daily kos. You and your contributors hit the right points with a professionalism and style most of us can only hope to emulate.

That said, it's nice to see you let your hair down for a sec.

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