Wednesday, August 16, 2006

happy birthday

Sandy Levinson

Two Balkinization bloggers are celebrating their 50th birthdays this week. Jack passed that threshhold on Sunday, August 13, and Mark Graber breaks the half-century tape today. I trust that I am not alone in saying that I have been learning from both of them for 20 years, when I first read Jack's essays thanks to a request from the University of Wisconsin Press (and determined to try to bring him to Texas, where he was a wonderful colleague for about five years until Yale stole him from us) and when I discovered that the University of Texas political science department had hired an unusually interesting lawyer/Ph.D. who was interested in American constitutional development. (Mark, too, was a wonderful colleague who for family reasons left Texas, much to our detriment.) May both live to 120 and provide us many, many more insightful books, articles, and, not anti-climactically, blog postings!


of course, for those of us who know and love him best, the shocking fact is not that mark is now fifty, but that i have a brother who is fifty, which means that i will be there soon as well. have a happy one mark, and keep in mind that i still have fourteen months left to make fun of you....

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