Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Flag Desecration Through the Zodiac

Marty Lederman

What a public service! The Washington Post leaves no stone unturned. (Click on "By Astrological Sign.") Proving once again just how fundamentally incompatible Scorpios and Capricorns truly are.

UPDATE: Okay, this is really spooky: In the vote in the House of Representatives, it was again the Capricorns most likely to vote for the constitutional amendment (tied with Aquarians, actually), and the Scorpios who were most likely to vote against! Coincidence? You be the judge . . . .

(Thanks to Katherine for running this down . . . .)



With all due respect, WTF?

It would be interesting to see if the voting patterns differed significantly from random.

Everyone voted, so you just need a binomial distribution for each sign (null hypothesis: p=0.5). I don't know much about statistics, but I think that most stats program would be able to analyze the variance and spit out a number for the probability that the results are significantly different from the null.

Wow... this is even sillier than my discussion of U.S. Court of International Trade's ruling that the X-Men aren't human. Time for me to stop and go to sleep, I think.

Consider that Sen. Mitch McConnell, a biggie on the Senate Republican side, could have voted yes and thus passed the measure. But McConnell probably did not want the measure to pass so that it would serve as a Republican campaign issue this Fall. And many of the Democrats who voted for the measure may be up for reelection this Fall. In a sense, this was an orchestrated defeat of the measure, with both Republicans and Democrats in the Senate getting a benefit from its defeat. If it were not orchestrated, then perhaps some of the yes Democrats and even some moderate Republicans would have voted no on principle and the vote would not have been close.

Shaq: Isn't it possible McConnell's vote can be explained by the fact that he's a Pisces?


That really is just too funny.

The boys in the barber shop have long thought that Mitch is a real Pisces.

just wondering if there has been a statistical analysis yet of voting based on left hand dominant versus right hand dominant, paper or plastic, or perhaps most important, boxers or briefs...

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