Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Awards to Brian Tamahana and Ian Ayres


I'm very pleased to announce that Brian Tamanaha has won the Inaugural Dennis Leslie Mahoney Prize in Legal Theory in honor of his book A General Jurisprudence of Law and Society (Oxford University Press, 2001). According to the official announcement "[t]he prize, to be awarded every five years, will go to the author or authors of an outstanding published work in the field of jurisprudence which best reflects an approach combining legal theory with sociological inquiry, in the tradition of the jurisprudence of the late Professor Julius Stone. Stone’s approach, expounded in his seminal work of 1946, The Province and Function of Law and in many other works throughout his life, sought to demonstrate that the law inexorably responds and changes as society changes."

And while I'm at it, I should remind folks that another fellow blogger, Ian Ayres, has recently been elected into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.



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